(Note: You may go directly to #4 if you are already logged on to the Dealer Home area.)
1) Go to the AskART homepage.
2) On the Home Page, locate the “Login” button at the right side of the page and click.
3) Enter your User ID and Password, which are the two 'codes' you created when you first registered, and click the “Login” button. (If you forgot your User ID and/or Password, you can click on the “HELP” button on that page.)
4) After logging on, you will be returned to the AskART Home Page. At the center of right side of the page you will now see “You are Logged On”, with four options to view: “Account Information”, “Your Gallery Homepage”, “Your Artist Alert List”, “Your Artists and Ads”, “Log Off”, and “Attn: Important Information” (if applicable).
5) Click on “Your Artists and Ads”. This will take you to your gallery's Task Page.
6) Next step is to click on the words “My Artists”. You will be prompted to add an artist to be associated with your establishment. You must first have an artist reserved on your list before you will be able to place an ad for their work.
7) To reserve artists, enter the name of the artist in the Search box and then add him/her to your artist list. (Please Note: You must have selected and added at least one artist to make the following instructions relate to what you will see on your screen for your account.)
8) Once you have an artist or artists selected, you may view a Summary of these artists in the center of the page. To the right of each selected artist there are four options; A. Art For Sale, B. Art Wanted, C. Biography, and D. Remove Artist.
9) To place an ad click on the “Art For Sale” or “Art Wanted” button. The status of ads will be indicated by the red radio button. (The word ‘edit' will appear under active ads for ‘Art Wanted.' The words ‘1 record' or ‘2 records' will show under your active ‘For Sale' ads. ‘2 records' indicates two ads for that artist.)
10) After ‘clicking' “Art For Sale”: Column A, you will be brought to the area where you can enter the details about the artwork you wish to list for sale. After you have filled in as many fields as you wish, click the “Submit to Review and/or Add Image” button near the bottom of the page.
11) When you click “Submit to Review and/or to Add Image” you will be able to double-check the information you entered. If you are satisfied that the ad is correct, you may now add an image, if available. To locate an existing image file in your computer, keep the box empty next to the words “Step 1:” and click on the “Browse” button to the right of the box. When you find the image file you are looking for, double click on it and the file name will appear in the previously empty box. Next, click on “Submit Your Image Now”. You will then be able to see your complete ad with image.
12) If you need to edit the ad or make any changes, simply click on the gray box that states “ Back to Your Dealer Page”. Then select the “Art For Sale” button as before, click on “Edit Ad” and make any changes. Then click on “Submit My Updates”. You will not be creating duplicate ads.
13) If you wish to add an image later, just follow the instructions for editing your ad in step 13. Then follow the directions in step 12 for adding an image. You may view both the ad and the accompanying image once you return to the “Gallery Home” page.

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